Hello, my name is Tomek and I’m an Amsterdam based photographer.

My interests range from rare coffee beans to photo books and from wide areas of science
to uttering the most unnecessary facts. I also like silly jokes.
And almost all natural phenomena.

My photography essentially has one common denominator: capturing the beauty of reality.
Whether it’s analogue or digital. I love creating pristine imagery and clear colours,
with a hint of humour.

My recent clients include Viktor & Rolf, A-dam Underwear, Afriek, O My Bag,
Byborre, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Trnsprnt, Lisa Konno, Lola + Lou and Heineken.

I love the earth and care for the environment, so I prefer working with clients with a sustainable approach.

Let's work together sometime!

For project inquiries or just to say hello,
please get in touch.


+31 6 40 77 31 72